The Salt Mine in Bochnia is the place that is fortunate in playing host, on three successive days, to the Polish ensembles participating in this year's edition of the FESTIVAL OF THE CHILDREN OF MOUNTAINS.
On Monday the mine was visited by the following ensembles: EŁK, VLADISLAVIA, MAŁA ISTEBNA, ROZTOCZE, KOCIERZEWIACY, TUCHLIŃSKIE SKRZATY; Tuesday was the day for MAŁOLIPNICANIE and KRAKOWIACZEK; and on Wednesday DOLINA SŁOMKI and MALI JURGOWIANIE went down the mineshaft.

This attraction proved to be a great success already on Monday. The children from the six ensembles that came to the Festival from the most distant regions of our country, were extremely thrilled with the visit to the Bochnia Salt Mine, from the very moment they began descending the shaft. They quickly engaged in interaction with the guides, asking questions, but also responding and being active in situations in which their words, exclamations or passwords “activated” presentations. They could learn about the history of the mine, and children working there not only from the guides, but also from virtual miners and King Casimir III the Great.

It turns out that over the past few years the exhibition displayed in the mine in, or rather under Bochnia, developed a lot, apparently becoming more interesting than the one displayed in the mine in, or rather under Wieliczka.

Characteristically, the children were enthusiastic about both a ride on the mine train and a football match played in the underground sports hall, and the successful underground visit was concluded with a tasty lunch.

According to a Polish saying, he who wants to get to know his friend well, must eat a barrel of salt with him. How about visiting a salt mine instead? Time will tell.