On Tuesday - pinwheels, on Wednesday - rag dolls and forests in jars.
Rag dolls. These are “recycled” toys thanks to which we do not have to throw away old natural fabrics that we no longer need. Such a doll gets filled with gifts of nature: rice, beans and grains... And these activities make up another workshop, this time run by Barbara Jędrzejek from the HOMESTEAD IN JĘDRZEJKÓWKA.

And since that which is good at the FESTIVAL OF THE CHILDREN OF MOUNTAINS usually comes in pairs (like two comrades), there of course was another workshop. Agnieszka Bylica too reached into nature, but nature that is still living. Together with the children, she took its little scraps (e.g. mosses, ferns, succulents) and created for them - i.e. for the plants - tiny microworlds in large jars.
Today, after two days in distant Africa and even more distant India, thanks to the KITKA ensemble from Macedonia we are back in Europe. And we are going to stay here.

The ensemble from Istibanji presented dances typical of their region, making us nostalgically reminisce about all the Balkan ensembles that have so far attended the Festival of the Children of Mountains.

The children from Istebna met outside a beautiful, lavish cottage house, where they made garlands, and then played and sang to the accompaniment of a band austerely composed of three of their age peers playing violins.

The guests from Roztocze chose an enclosed space. Dances, games and songs from the environs of Lublin and Tomaszów Lubelski were set inside a large barn.

And so we imperceptibly reached the halfway point of this year’s edition of the FESTIVAL OF THE CHILDREN OF MOUNTAINS.