Great success! The last workshop is over. There was some drumming thanks to ETHNICA-ART, and the whirring of the pinwheels made under the tutelage of Monika Zielińska-Klimczak. Let me repeat that: Great success. What was the great success? The weather was a great success! All the workshops were held outdoors.
Fine weather again. The sky blessed this year’s performances of the FESTIVAL OF THE CHILDREN OF MOUNTAINS with sunshine.

The weather was also nice in Grojec during the performance by the KRAKOWIACZEK children, when mum went to a fair in Krzeszowice, and the children were dancing and playing, while preparing for an evening May devotion. First, the youngest children played, and then the older children danced krakowiak and other dances under the whirring peacock feathers.

Kashubia was also graced with fine weather, when the TUCHLIŃSKIE SKRZATY children, as if on their way to school, presented a vast array of children’s games and songs among beautiful and traditional toys. A scene in the school, or rather a school among the cottage houses, provided a setting for a lesson in beautifully sung Kashubian language.

But first the DATINA TURDEANA from Romania presented several dances and songs representative of their region of Transylvania.